Remote Monitoring &

Controller Upgrades

While your dehumidification unit was designed and built to last through decades of reliable service, technological advancement in IoT connectivity, microprocessor controls, BMS integration, and 24 hour supervision means your older dehumidifier may be out of date. This could represent unit performance inefficiency and unexpected unit downtime which can now be prevented.


WebSentry is your dehumidification unit’s proprietary remote monitoring platform which serves as a direct connection to the factory and Dehumidified Air Services, the manufacturer-direct service organization.

By connecting your device to WebSentry, not only can we access 24/7 logs of your unit’s performance to troubleshoot issues, we can also configure alarms to proactively alert you of any changes to your unit status.

An active WebSentry connection, coupled with a manufacturer’s maintenance service agreement, is a powerful combination to ensure your dehumidifier keeps running smoothly without unexpected downtime.

WebSentry forms a foundation for future advanced remote monitoring capabilities you may be interested in. Contact us to find out more!

Remote Monitoring Solution Controls Upgrade Electrical Panel Replacement
WebSentry IoT Device
Everything in Remote Monitoring Solution, plus:
Everything in Controls Upgrade, plus:
V8 Control Board
Newly fabricated electrical panel Cabinet
Power adapter
Rabbit core module
3-phase voltage monitor
Latest touch display
Overloads and relays
Din Rail
Latest firmware
Terminal block and transformers
2-year Wireless Connectivity
Latest software
Temperature sensors
Complimentary access to WebSentry
1-year Parts Warranty on Remote Monitoring Solution
1-year Parts Warranty on Remote Monitoring Solution
1 year Parts Warranty
90-day Parts Warranty on Controls
90-day Parts Warranty on Controls and Electricals
Parts Only: US$ 2,199 | Parts + Install Service: US$ 2,499
Pricing: Contact our Sales Team
Pricing: Contact our Sales Team


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