Dehumidified Air Services is North America’s largest manufacturer-direct dehumidifier service organization.

Nobody Knows Dehumidifiers Better Than We Do!  

We design them, we built them, and we service what we manufacture — because we’re the experts.

Dehumidified Air Services supports the following brands exclusively:

Getting quality parts that meet the specifications of your dehumidifier is critical to maintaining your warranty.
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Our inspection service is the best way to  prevent potentially costly or debilitating equipment failures.
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Upgrading outdated controllers improves performance, efficiency and brings a host of benefits.
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Upgrading components to the latest technology saves money and extends the life of your equipment. 
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Dehumidified Air Services is the only organization that has the scale and expertise to deliver trouble-free dehumidifier service for indoor pool and grow rooms throughout North America. This is a distinct advantage for the brands we service.


Access the Installation, Operation & Maintenance and Controller Manuals for your dehumidifier.

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We created a series of resources to keep you well-informed ensuring equipment is operating at peak preformance.


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