The most expensive dehumidifier is the one that is not being routinely serviced. When your dehumidification unit is neglected, you may experience reduced performance, higher energy bills, or even premature failure that forces a pool/facility closure. Factory maintenance agreements ensure your dehumidifier remains the least of your concerns, and helps you avoid expensive (and often surprisingly so!) bills from third party service providers.

you know ?

Many third-party service providers offer a servicing component, but often, this entails simply changing out filters. Your top-of-the-line equipment requires and deserves much more than that to perform at its best.

Your Investment

Our Maintenance Service Packages are designed to optimally protect your investment in top-of-the-line equipment, while always making financial sense in the long-run. There are never any surprise surcharges or hidden costs!


Service Packages

New Unit Protection Plan coverage Basic Protection Preventative Maintenance Premium Protection Service Agreement
Coverage duration
1 Year
1 Year
Repair ( Labour ) warranty to bring equipment back to manufacturer's original specification
Proactive WebCheck remote inspections
Remote alert first responder coverage
Periodic maintenance visits by factory-certified expert technician
4 Visits/Year (Quarterly)
4 Visits/Year (Quarterly)
Free filters (Quarterly)
Priority phone support
Dedicated account manager for direct line communication


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