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Dehumidified Air Services Training Program

We are pleased to invite you to participate in our in-person start-up certification training offered by Dehumidified Air Services, our manufacturer direct service division. Successful completion of this three-day program will allow your organization to independently perform start-ups on all small and medium sized Dectron, PoolPak, or Seresco units for a period of one year from the date of certification.

 Course Schedule

Day One
  • Introduction
  • Unit Design
  • Bill of Materials
  • Unit footprint
  • Documentation
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Piping diagrams
  • IOM Package
  • Equipment specifics – What to expect
  • Component Descriptions – Valves and Devices
  • Questions and Answers
Day Two
  • Wiring Diagrams – Overview and Discussion
  • Piping Diagrams – Overview and Discussion
  • HMI Navigation – Menus and parameters
  • Parameters and logic – Sequence and control
  • Board Versions – Differences and Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting – Tips and Tricks
  • Technical Support – Expectations and Responsibilities
  • Web Monitoring – Navigation Guide
  • Questions and Answers
Day Three
  • Hands-on Training: Testing and Troubleshooting
  • FieldPoint Training – Warranty Registration Report
  • Summary of Policies and Procedures
  • Guest Speakers and Aftermarket Opportunities
  • Questions and Answers
Initial investment
  • $1,999 per participant, and a minimum of 2 participants per participating organization.
  • A minimum of 2 trained and certified technicians must still be on staff for representatives who want to do their own startup on the equipment.
  • Fee covers training materials, instructor-led LIVE training, classroom meals and refreshments, factory time, and one-year certification.
  • The fee does not cover travel and lodging, hotel room charges, field training and any other type of incidental expense associated with the training.
Return on Investment
  • Perform your own start-ups on small and medium-sized units (Dectron: DS-010 to DS-15D, PoolPak: PCP-0800 to PCP-5050, or Seresco: NE-002 to NE-232).
  • Dehumidified Air Services certification positions you as a qualified service provider in your local market.
  • Gain knowledge and expertise to support your contractors and end users on life cycle services.
Payment method
  • Credit/debit card or bank transfer. Payment must be made in advance to confirm seats in the class.
Extras available for purchase
  • Service technician tool and supply kit.
  • Service technician spare parts kit.
  • IoT Kit | Connects the wireless dehumidifier to the WebSentry remote monitoring platform.
  • Certification is valid for one year; a refresher course is required at the end of the one-year period from the date of initial certification. The refresher course extends the validity of the certification.
  • Recertification is mandatory for new products and/or major product or software changes.
  • Refresher or recertification is not required if no product changes are introduced, and certification will be extended based on the technician’s performance the previous year.


  • Regional classroom or field training is available for representatives for an additional $4,999. Contact Dehumidified Air Services for availability and pricing.
  • All participants must submit proof of their Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) license and HVAC knowledge prior to attending LIVE training. Dehumidified Air Services expects participants to have a solid knowledge of “Refrigeration 101” in order to complete and pass the certification exam.
  • Dehumidified Air Services reserves the right to expand or modify the content, curriculum, structure and delivery of the training program at any time to improve the program design and experience.

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