Training FAQ 

  1. Q. Who can take the training? 
    A. Only HVAC Technicians with a valid EPA/USA, or Refrigeration License in Canada.


  2. Q. What is the benefit in taking the training course? 
    A. Only Reps/Contractors who have taken and passed the course will be certified to perform their own startups.


  3. Q. Can I get an exemption to take the training as I/we are a long time Rep/Contractor? 
    A. Unfortunately there is no exemption from the certification program.


  4. Q. Are there any other training/certifications available at this time other than what you offer? 
    A. Not at this time. We are working on creating service and specialty training, we can also create a customized training course that will be tailored to a client’s specific needs.


  5. Q. Why is the certificate expire after one year? 
    A. To ensure that Reps/Contractors are up to date with the latest product development.


  6. Q. What if I choose not to participate in the training program but perform startups anyway? 
    A. Only certified partners are able to receive the start-up credit on the units.


  7. Q. If I/we fail the exam, can it be rewritten, and is there a cost involved? 
    A. The exam may be rewritten, the number of attempts is the discretion of the instructor.


  8. Q. What is the cost of the recertification and how will it be administered? 
    A. The cost is set at $999.00, in an online course format which will encompass video modules accompanied by an exam. 
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