For warranties to be valid, your unit must be under warranty, and you must have a valid warranty certificate or factory startup report . If you do not have one, please request it by contacting us. To make a claim, simply fill the form below. Please detail your unit’s serial number, and the issue you are facing. It would be our pleasure to assist you.

Your dehumidification unit is under standard parts warranty for a period of 2 years, and standard repair
warranty for a period of 1 year (conditional upon internet connectivity), starting either from Factory
Startup Date or 6 months from Ship Date, whichever comes first.
For warranties to be valid, you must have a valid warranty certificate or factory startup report. If you do
not have one, please request it by contacting us.
In addition, warranties may be voided if third-party service providers who are not factory-certified performed the unit startup in absence of a factory-trained technician.

A standard new unit warranty covers:
1) Standard Parts for 2 Years.
a. Comprehensive bumper to bumper parts warranty on the dehumidifier and OACC/dry cooler.
2) Standard Repair Warranty for 1 Year
a. Covers repair time required to replace failed components due to defective material or factory workmanship.
b. Travel time, diagnostic time, per diems, truck charges, shipping charges etc. are not covered under this Conditional Repair Warranty.
If your unit is covered by a Manufacturer-Direct Maintenance Service Agreement, you may be eligible for further coverage. For more info about Manufacturer-Direct Maintenance, click here.

Extended parts and repair warranty can be purchased through ACE or by contacting our sales team either before a new unit ships, or up to 30 days after unit ships.
If purchased prior to shipment and documented with a registered extended warranty statement
certificate, we will provide replacement components within the specified period of the extended
warranties. Extended warranties commence after the standard warranty expires, and cover parts
replacement only for parts that fail as a result of manufacturing defect. The failed parts must be
returned to the factory with transportation prepaid by the customer as a condition of these warranties.

If you are the owner of a unit and have not been sent a warranty certificate, simply request it by contacting us.

The process to submit a warranty claim is as follows:

  1. Complete the below form as relevant to your request
  2. Wait to obtain warranty parts
  3. Wait to obtain labor warranty approval prior to the completion of repairs 

Please provide details regarding your warranty claim below. Additional details will allow us to process your claim with minimal delays. 

Obtaining parts

After your successful form submission and review, the support team will place a warranty parts request where applicable after the failure has been confirmed and documented. The parts team will then process any subsequent warranty parts order(s).

  • The parts team will reach out to confirm shipping information and provide a quote for shipping, if applicable.
  • Shipping charges are covered prior to the expiration of the 90-day comprehensive warranty coverage. After the expiration of the 90-day comprehensive warranty and when expedited shipping is requested, shipping charges will apply.
  • Once the shipping information has been confirmed, and shipping charges have been processed where applicable, the parts team will then ship the related parts order. Tracking information will be provided once available.

The support team will place an NTE request where applicable after the failure has been confirmed and documented. The Warranty team will then issue an NTE (Not To Exceed pricing agreement) via email.

  • The NTE must be signed and returned prior to proceeding with repairs. Once the NTE has been signed and returned, invoicing instructions will be provided. Only once the signed NTE is received are labor warranty repairs approved to be completed.
  • Should any issues arise outside of the scope of the NTE while completing repairs, Warranty@dev.dehumidifiedairservices.com must be contacted with any related information. The request will then be reviewed and a revised or separate NTE may be issued for any applicable additional coverage. The same NTE policies will apply to the revised/separate NTE.