Essential Services for Equipment Lifetime

No matter what size of unit or what the application, Dehumidified Air Services provides a comprehensive range of services to ensure a long and effective service life for every dehumidifier we build.

The key in every case is regularly scheduled preventative maintenance along with annual service checkups. For more critical dehumidifier applications, semi-annual service checkups provide even more insurance against downtime and expensive emergency repairs. By planning ahead and addressing maintenance needs on a systematic, scheduled basis, you can save significant costs and virtually eliminate unplanned downtime.

You may wish to refer to your manufacturer recommended maintenance program to be clear about your maintenance responsibilities. Failing to maintain your equipment as specified may impact your warranty coverage.

Performance Enhancing Programs

We provide a wide range of service and preventative maintenance programs to suit the needs of every facility including:

Manufacturer-Direct Replacement Parts

Using manufacturer-direct replacement parts is a smart idea. Not only is it the best way to ensure you’re getting the correct parts, and the ones that will actually meet the specifications of your dehumidifier, but its also the best way to keep your warranty in effect.

At Dehumidified Air Services, we keep a vast inventory of parts for all the brands we service, including a considerable selection of legacy parts for older equipment. All you have to do is provide your unit’s serial number and most cases, we’ll be able to look up the manufacturing diagrams and component details to help ensure you get exactly what you need.

Comprehensive Equipment Inspections & Assessments

Is your dehumidifier showing signs of age? Or has it maybe had a little less preventative maintenance than it ought to have had? Are you concerned that a breakdown could happen at just the wrong time? Do you want to get ahead of potentially costly or debilitating equipment failures? Perhaps you’re wondering if a couple of upgrades could save you money in the long run or extend the life of your dehumidifier?

The very best way to confirm the relative health, viability of your dehumidifier investment is to have us do a comprehensive assessment. We’ll give you the straight goods on whatever it is you need to know about your dehumidifier and make recommendations to ensure you keep spending smart money. And, if anything needs critical care or parts need replacement, you’ll be getting the best deal possible on factory-direct parts replacements, the right ones for your equipment – or the most up-to-date upgrades that will extend the service life of your equipment.

Two Important Considerations:

(a) Very often, as equipment nears the end of its life cycle, repairs become more frequent, performance diminishes and total operating costs, including energy costs increase. We can help you make an informed decision about the relative costs of upgrading and replacing tired components so you can continue to maximize the value of your investment.

(b) The second option is that we can do a comparative analysis of the costs to continue operating with higher maintenance and operating costs compared to the cost of a new more advanced technology dehumidifier that may very well deliver better performance, reliability and lower energy consumption. Like an automobile, there comes a time when a newer model with better performance and reliability actually makes more financial sense than continuing to nurse the old one along.

Annual or Semi-Annual Preventative Inspections

Regardless of how you accomplish your regular preventative maintenance requirements, the very best way to ensure peak performance of your dehumidifier and avoid downtime or costly unanticipated repairs is to have a Dehumidified Air Services annual inspection. 

Our 62 point inspection provides real peace of mind for owners who receive  documented analysis of the health of your dehumidifier along with any recommendations to help enhance its performance or life expectancy. Preventative inspections are particularly important for facilities that do their own maintenance and may not have licensed HVAC technicians looking at their equipment on a regular basis.

Controller and Component Upgrades

As is often the case, especially with electronics like controllers, the advancement of technology every few years can be staggering. Many owners of older dehumidifiers have been delighted with the benefits of an upgraded controller that in and of itself improves the performance of their equipment.

Modern performance algorithms can substantially increase not just the performance and reliability of older dehumidifiers, but they also provide internet monitoring and control, data and performance logging plus a host of early warning alerts and failure prevention technologies that simply didn’t exist in older systems.

When combined with a few new sensors and pressure transducers that will closely monitor and automatically increase performance and reliability, in some cases this investment can be almost like getting a new unit.

Rebuild on Site

Okay, your dehumidifier has come to the end of its service life and you need a new one, but your equipment was installed in the construction phase of the building and bringing in a new unit is virtually impossible (this happens more often than you would think!).

The solution: we can rebuild your dehumidifier inside its current cabinet. And in doing so, upgrade it to all of the latest technology so you get state of the art performance, energy savings, internet monitoring, and all the latest performance and reliability enhancing algorithms.

Whether you need a full system rebuild or elected components replaced, nobody knows how to upgrade your dehumidifier better than us, the people who designed and built your current unit.